Government Contractors


Our professionals have been working with government contractors for over 40 years.

Our commitment to government contractors is to develop a solid business and compliance foundation. The level of scrutiny and risk associated with working with the federal government creates unique business challenges for this industry. Our experience enables us to provide a high degree of technical knowledge and sound business advice oriented specifically to this industry.

The Huntsville area is rich with emerging and established government contractors. We have many years of diversified experience in this distinct and demanding area of practice. We have developed strategies, procedures, and planning tools to directly support our government contract clients through every phase of growth. We have proven ability and expertise in this specialized segment of practice. We provide full service planning, consulting, and on-going support for large and small contractors gauged to grow with your business. We are well versed in the FAR and DCAA representation along with government contract accounting and software packages.

Our services include: